Nature Spirits

I share a deep connection with nature and aim to create bridges
between the physical world and subtle worlds surrounding us

We are going through a deep cultural and spiritual crisis, in the sense that our modern societies have disenchanted the world, lost the sense of the sacred, the mystery of nature. With my photography, I aim to decolonize the imaginary and re-enchant the natural world, so that we can rediscover attitudes of gratitude, wonder and kindliness towards it. Regenerate our connection with the Earth that is part of our being and rediscover the sense of interdependence between all that exists. By reconnecting with nature, the living and the subtle worlds, we also reconnect with our deep self.


Spirits in lake reflections


Spirits of Lake Lioson


Spirits of Lake Lessoc


Spirits of Lake de Fenêtre


Spirits of Lake Tsaté


Tseuzier Spirits


Spirits of Lake Arvouin


Spirits of Emosson


Grand Mont Calme Spirits


Audannes Spirits


Golette Spirits


Spirits of Arolla


Nufenen Spirits


Spirits of Lake Segray


Spirits of Lake Retaud


Various Spirits


Praille Spirits





Spirit Animals